Java Program to Add Digits of a Number

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Java program to add digits of a number

import java.util.Scanner;

class AddDigitsOfANumberClass{
	public static void main(String[] args){
		/* sum variable store sum of digits */

		/* last_digit variable contain last digit 
		of a number until loop termination */
		int sum = 0,last_digit;

		Scanner sc = new Scanner(;

		/* Display message for number input */
		System.out.println("Enter any number");

		/* Number input from user */
		int number = sc.nextInt();

		/* loop continue number remain 0 */

			/* get last digit of a number */
			last_digit = number%10;

			/* add last digit to the sum */
			sum = sum+last_digit;

			/* truncate last digit from number */
			number = number/10;

		/* After loop completion results will display */
		System.out.println("Sum of digits are : " + sum);


Enter any number
Sum of digits are : 15


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