Javascript Project to Build HTML5 Select Dropdown List for All Indonesia Banks in Browser

You are currently viewing Javascript Project to Build HTML5 Select Dropdown List for All Indonesia Banks in Browser

Javascript Project to Build HTML5 Select Dropdown List for All Indonesia Banks in Browser

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <label for="bank">Pilih Bank:</label>
  <input list="banks" name="bank" id="bank" placeholder="Choose Bank">
  <select id="banks">
        <option value="Bank Mandiri">Bank Mandiri</option>
        <option value="Bank Bukopin">Bank Bukopin</option>
        <option value="Bank Danamon">Bank Danamon</option>
        <option value="Bank Mega">Bank Mega</option>
        <option value="Bank CIMB Niaga">Bank CIMB Niaga</option>
        <option value="Bank Permata">Bank Permata</option>
        <option value="Bank Sinarmas">Bank Sinarmas</option>
        <option value="Bank QNB">Bank QNB</option>
        <option value="Bank Lippo">Bank Lippo</option>
        <option value="Bank UOB">Bank UOB</option>
        <option value="Panin Bank">Panin Bank</option>
        <option value="Citibank">Citibank</option>
        <option value="Bank ANZ">Bank ANZ</option>
        <option value="Bank Commonwealth">Bank Commonwealth</option>
        <option value="Bank Maybank">Bank Maybank</option>
        <option value="Bank Maspion">Bank Maspion</option>
        <option value="Bank J Trust">Bank J Trust</option>
        <option value="Bank QNB">Bank QNB</option>
        <option value="Bank KEB Hana">Bank KEB Hana</option>
        <option value="Bank Artha Graha">Bank Artha Graha</option>
        <option value="Bank OCBC NISP">Bank OCBC NISP</option>
        <option value="Bank MNC">Bank MNC</option>
        <option value="Bank DBS">Bank DBS</option>
        <option value="BCA">BCA</option>
        <option value="BNI">BNI</option>
        <option value="BRI">BRI</option>
        <option value="BTN">BTN</option>
        <option value="Bank DKI">Bank DKI</option>
        <option value="Bank BJB">Bank BJB</option>
        <option value="Bank BPD DIY">Bank BPD DIY</option>
        <option value="Bank Jateng">Bank Jateng</option>
        <option value="Bank Jatim">Bank Jatim</option>
        <option value="Bank BPD Bali">Bank BPD Bali</option>
        <option value="Bank Sumut">Bank Sumut</option>
        <option value="Bank Nagari">Bank Nagari</option>
        <option value="Bank Riau Kepri">Bank Riau Kepri</option>
        <option value="Bank Sumsel Babel">Bank Sumsel Babel</option>
        <option value="Bank Lampung">Bank Lampung</option>
        <option value="Bank Jambi">Bank Jambi</option>
        <option value="Bank Kalbar">Bank Kalbar</option>
        <option value="Bank Kalteng">Bank Kalteng</option>
        <option value="Bank Kalsel">Bank Kalsel</option>
        <option value="Bank Kaltim">Bank Kaltim</option>
        <option value="Bank Sulsel">Bank Sulsel</option>
        <option value="Bank Sultra">Bank Sultra</option>
        <option value="Bank BPD Sulteng">Bank BPD Sulteng</option>
        <option value="Bank Sulut">Bank Sulut</option>
        <option value="Bank NTB">Bank NTB</option>
        <option value="Bank NTT">Bank NTT</option>
        <option value="Bank Maluku">Bank Maluku</option>
        <option value="Bank Papua">Bank Papua</option>


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