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Do you want to know what’s Trending in India Today then you’re in the correct place. We grab the data using official Twitter API so the data refreshes every 30 minutes.

Twitter Trends India Today

Twitter Trends is not only based on Tweets. It depends on various factors. Twitter Trends will change every second but it is impossible to update data every second that’s why we update the data every 30 minutes because Twitter restricted the API calls to 75 requests for 15 minutes.

I created a Twitter Trends India Today tool where you can know the latest trending topic/hashtags, tweet count, tweet volume and rank.

Twitter Trends Today TamilNadu

Not only countries, you can know what’s trending on states and cities also. For example, Twitter Trending Hashtags will differ in India and TamilNadu.

I have listed out all countries, states, and cities. Just click the “Select Country” option and choose India. When you scroll down the page, you can find out the cities of India. Choose Chennai for TamilNadu. Twitter Trends Chennai and Twitter Trends Coimbatore will be shown under the Chennai city only.

Tweet Twitter Trending Hashtag to Twitter

When you click the Hashtag, you can find out the Rank of the Hashtag, Volume, Tweet Count, Location, and Time. Tweet it and All Tweets buttons will be shown. If you want to tweet the twitter trending hashtag then click the “Tweet it” button.

Twitter Trends Today Tamilnadu

It will redirect you to the Twitter with text. For example, #Elon Musk currently trending on Twitter at No 1 in India with 100k Tweets.

twitter trending india today

If you click the “All Tweets” button then you will be redirected to Twitter page where the hashtag tweets are listed out.

Twitter Trends Tool Features

  • All Countries and Cities Data
  • Live Update
  • Tweet it Option
  • Tweet Volume
  • Copy Feature

To keep updated with latest information either you have to read the newspaper or need to use the Twitter Trends tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to know What is Trending on Twitter?

You can check out the Twitter Trends on Twitter website, Twitter App, or Twitter Trends Tool.

How to know What is Trending on Twitter for Specific Location?

If you want to know what is trending on Twitter for specific location then you need to use Twitter Trends tool. The website has the feature to know what is trending on specific country or city.

Final Words

I hope this article helps you to know Twitter Trends India Today and Twitter Trending India Today. Don’t forget to bookmark this page to stay updated with latest India trends. Share this webpage link with your friends and family.


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